Updates to Solar Farms

I attended the Descanso Planning Group meeting last Thursday (Julie, you said you’d meet me there. I’m still waiting for you!). The company proposing a local solar farm in our community had a representative who briefly spoke about the plans. On one hand, I was relieved to see it is not the scope that is planned in other areas, but still, I have my reservations. … Continue reading Updates to Solar Farms

Life 101- It’s a Circle, Indeed

After an up-and-down year in 2013, I’m digging 2014. So far, not just “so good,” but great. We lost several people last year — my Uncle Kikie, Cousin Ken, a few friends, but the hardest for me was my sister, Marion. A year ago, if someone had even suggested that Marion would be gone, I would not have believed it. She was the invincible one. … Continue reading Life 101- It’s a Circle, Indeed

School Boards and Town Groups

Who knew there is so much drama with school boards and tiny community groups? I guess whenever you get two or more people together, there will be conflict. Especially when money and power are involved. My experience lately of covering these types of things make me realize the power plays that go on even in the smallest of organized groups. Here is my latest story … Continue reading School Boards and Town Groups

Photography Lessons: Portrait Lighting

My passions are writing and photography. I am by training a photojournalist, but have been learning more formal photography techniques over the last seven years. I had a great session on portrait lighting the other day (with a great photographer named Rob Andrew). I also had the good fortune to photograph a beautiful model named Brooke. Lighting is, of course, the first key in any … Continue reading Photography Lessons: Portrait Lighting