Abstract Macro Flower Photos

Experimented today with shooting some macro photos of one rose in bloom, and some French lavender that is growing in the yard. What strikes me with macro photography is the detail I don’t notice with my naked eye. I especially loved the detail of the lavender and its spores/pollen receptors, or whatever they are. I need to research that. I’m hoping to find a tranquil … Continue reading Abstract Macro Flower Photos

Baby Steps with Baby Photography

My background is journalism and photojournalism, but I’ve spent the last year trying to hone my skills with portrait photography. I’ve captured many “in the moment” documentary photos of all my nieces and nephews (and all the family and friends) from the last 25+ years, but I am trying to get my formal portraiture down. It’s a learning process. Taking classes here and there and … Continue reading Baby Steps with Baby Photography

Public Transit Done Right

One recent job I completed was for the Cleveland National Forest Foundation’s Transit San Diego website. If you read the website, the first question everyone asks is why would a forest initiative care about urban public transportation? As I’ve learned working with these amazing people, without a functional city and less dependency on automobiles, the forest is doomed to sprawl, which equates to climate change. … Continue reading Public Transit Done Right