First Solo International Trip

Why would a 66-year-old overweight, half-deaf woman with a bad knee want to travel abroad all by herself, especially when Covid was resurfacing? Because it is now or never. With many upheavals this past year, including losing people I love, and my own personal health scare that reminded me of my mortality, I knew I had to do this sooner than later. No more procrastinating … Continue reading First Solo International Trip

Ancestors: You Don’t Get to Pick Them….But You Love Your Family Anyway

People who personally know me understand that I am huge on family ties. I love my nieces to pieces, and those nephews, too. Plus my siblings, cousins, the aunts and uncles who were there, my in-laws, my parental units, etc. etc. My family means everything to me. And anyone who is my Facebook friend knows that my current muse is The Moose, my grandniece. I … Continue reading Ancestors: You Don’t Get to Pick Them….But You Love Your Family Anyway

Keeping it Real: Addressing Job Burnout

  I think most of us have been there, especially when you’ve been in a job for a long time. Job burnout. I found this article by Michael Broder to be filled with some common-sense tips. Only three, but they are important to remember. And there comes a time when you have to choose the third option. Remember, it’s your life (a short life, too) … Continue reading Keeping it Real: Addressing Job Burnout

Introverts vs. Extroverts

I have always been an introvert, and I am also shy. Many people would assume those two things are equal, but they really aren’t, as explained in the attached article. I’m getting better at my shyness – I’ve had to working as long as I have. My introversion, however, is innate and it is who I am. At a pool party yesterday with family members, … Continue reading Introverts vs. Extroverts