The Downfall of Civility

One of the sadly disappointing aspects of late has been the downfall of civility. While I do believe that most people are mostly good, there has been a marked increase in mean-spirited rants and cruelty to our fellow human beings. Blame social media if you wish; like any Pandora’s box, there is good, but with it came hateful, cruel trolls who hide behind anonymous names … Continue reading The Downfall of Civility

San Diego: As I think about leaving

I  have been thinking a lot about the possibility of leaving “America’s Finest City” — San Diego. I was born here. Grew up here. But I grew up in the East County city of El Cajon. Certainly not “America’s Finest City” there. In fact, it is an armpit of the area. Extreme poverty, drug abuse, homeless population, and a plain old pox on the area. … Continue reading San Diego: As I think about leaving

Redheaded Sinner

I’ve been working on various jewelry pieces using techniques that I learned in 2015, including metalsmithing, polymer clay, and ice resin. This is an example of the latter of the three: a vintage 1950s image from a trashy romance novel entitled Red-Headed Sinner. I’ve named my piece without the hyphen (because that is grammatically correct in modern times). The image is copyright-free in a collage, … Continue reading Redheaded Sinner

Weddings Make Me Happy (and Stressed)

As a photographer, a wedding is one the happiest occasions to capture. As a human being being with a big fat heart, I always love them! It’s always a happy occasion, filled with family, friends and an overall good vibe. But weddings are stressful. Especially for the bride and groom. But also for anyone contributing to the day. I recently had the honor to share … Continue reading Weddings Make Me Happy (and Stressed)

Great Spots to View the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco Travel

Going to San Francisco soon with the husband. Probably my favorite US city by far (Boston is probably #2). And it is the city I have visited most often, but I love it each and every time. Just one thing I’m going to check out: Great Spots to View the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco Travel. Continue reading Great Spots to View the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco Travel