Redheaded Sinner


I’ve been working on various jewelry pieces using techniques that I learned in 2015, including metalsmithing, polymer clay, and ice resin. This is an example of the latter of the three: a vintage 1950s image from a trashy romance novel entitled Red-Headed Sinner. I’ve named my piece without the hyphen (because that is grammatically correct in modern times). The image is copyright-free in a collage, then placed in a bezel with beads and glitter, and encased in ice resin. I then added the metal leaf finding at the bottom, and used various metal and dark green beads in the chain.

After letting my Etsy site languish for many months, I just recently updated it. My goal is to get a little more focused on my jewelry work in 2016 (in addition to my photography, as well as my freelance writing/editing).

I’m excited about my second metalsmith class that starts in early February in the Midway district. The teacher is a wonderful jewelry artist named Anne Wolf. I learned a lot from her last semester, and hope to take those lessons to the next level this year.

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