Weddings Make Me Happy (and Stressed)

As a photographer, a wedding is one the happiest occasions to capture. As a human being being with a big fat heart, I always love them! It’s always a happy occasion, filled with family, friends and an overall good vibe.

IMG_1784IMG_1939A copy

But weddings are stressful. Especially for the bride and groom. But also for anyone contributing to the day.

I recently had the honor to share some photography duties with my niece, Emily Perrine, for her sister Elena’s big day. Luckily, it was a casual, intimate backyard wedding and the bride was happy, but emotional (in a sweet and tender way) and seemed thrilled to have the day unfold. In other words, she was not a Bridezilla trying to control every aspect. I liked that, because it turned into an awesome and comfortable day for everyone attending, and a lot of fun for those participating.


Isn’t that what weddings should be?

You can’t control every moment, and especially when there are tiny toddlers serving as the attendants. But that was one more aspect of the beauty of this wedding. I loved that instead of adults, they had the children of their lives serving as attendants. Pretty awesome.


This wedding was all about family and love. And everyone felt comfortable and happy.


As I approach my own 34th wedding anniversary, I reflect on my simple park wedding with a backyard reception. I cherish the fact that we did not make it too complicated, and we had a comfortable celebration with family and friends. Elena and Gary’s wedding echoed that.

IMG_1948IMG_1909 copy

Here’s to you Elena and Gary! May you be celebrating your 34th anniversary in a blink of an eye like Steve and I are, and then some. It is not always easy. Marriage/relationships are hard. But it goes way faster than you realize. So enjoy the ride, and mostly, enjoy each other for the unique human beings you both are.

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