San Diego: As I think about leaving


I  have been thinking a lot about the possibility of leaving “America’s Finest City” — San Diego. I was born here. Grew up here. But I grew up in the East County city of El Cajon. Certainly not “America’s Finest City” there. In fact, it is an armpit of the area. Extreme poverty, drug abuse, homeless population, and a plain old pox on the area. I have hated El Cajon since I was young, and hate it even more today. It’s a sad, zombie-infected place.

But I moved out to the best of East County in 1988: the mountains. I love these mountains, but sadly, they are decaying because of the drought, the tree beetles, and lack of water. So I’m searching for other areas with water, trees, and a better quality of living.

I feel San Diego, specifically the East County of San Diego, has lost its value, its soul. I love Descanso, where I live now. But there are several things pointing me to leave: water issues; drought;  insane prices.

But the things that drive me to stay: family, number one!

Descanso, number two. An amazing community of diverse humans. I really do love this community. It is home to me.

The “San Diego lifestyle”, number three. Though honestly, I am not a part of it, and realistically I would be more into it when I visit a few times of the year. We never go to the beach. Though I do love me some fish tacos.

So, will I stay or will I go?

In ten days, I’m off to explore with my Bebe sister some Pacific Northwest towns. Maybe we’ll fine some we want to move to, or maybe not. We’ll see. If not, my Bebe sister and I will have a great adventure up north.




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