Starting on Third Base

I love to attend photographic seminars to gain new insights and learn more about the craft that fills my passion. I’m signed up for one with Scott Kelby on May 12 in San Diego. He’s a pretty gifted photographer and Photoshop guru, and I remember the last class I took from him in which he gave me some really good pointers. One was: if you … Continue reading Starting on Third Base

The Importance of Focal Length with Faces

After thousands of photos, through trial and error, reading, and seminars, I have learned the importance of using a longer focal length in getting good portrait photos. Today I spent with my Muse (also known as Moose), and she was getting up close to my camera (a toy, in her book). I was using my standard 18-55mm lens, and I was shooting so close to … Continue reading The Importance of Focal Length with Faces

Photography Lessons: Portrait Lighting

My passions are writing and photography. I am by training a photojournalist, but have been learning more formal photography techniques over the last seven years. I had a great session on portrait lighting the other day (with a great photographer named Rob Andrew). I also had the good fortune to photograph a beautiful model named Brooke. Lighting is, of course, the first key in any … Continue reading Photography Lessons: Portrait Lighting