Heroes Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Ages

Sharon interviewing AS President Elect Josh Morse


One of my FB friends, Candy, recently wrote that she raised her heroes. Even though I don’t have kids, I get where she’s coming from. Having worked at SDSU for the past 15 years, the best part of my job, by far, was in meeting young students who overcame hardships, adversity and plain bad luck to rise to the top. My job has allowed me to interact with many campus leaders, and these student leaders have been the most inspiring. The most recent case in point is our newly elected Associated Students president for 2013/2014: Josh Morse.

I had the pleasure of meeting him and interviewing him for the April issue of “@State” – the online student newsletter we put together every month. Check out my story below (with much credit to Suzanne Finch, who first wrote about him more than a year ago):


In my personal life, I’m blessed with many nephews, nieces, cousins, and a couple of “sort-of-adopted” kids (you know who you are, Wendy and Phil) who have turned into amazing young adults. They, too, are my heroes.

One thought on “Heroes Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Ages

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring interview, Sharon. Congratulations to Josh for all he has accomplished. I wish him every success in life. I understand why you will miss interacting with strong and centered young adults like him. He just became one of my heroes too.

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