Lemons to lemonade….or a dead tree into works of art

Our longtime friend Steve Lipoma, a woodworking artist who has won awards at the San Diego Fair, came up last week for the first time in six months (along with our good friend Eric Leatherman). He surveyed the remains our old oak tree, and his wheels started spinning on what he could do with some of her remains.

He’s renting an apartment in Scripps Ranch, and as such, has had to store his woodworking equipment in offsite storage. Today he brought up his lathe and some accessories.

He will soon be using his tools to create some interesting works of art from Grandmother Oak once we (really, my Steve, not me) help trim up some pieces with the chainsaw. Today he showed what he can do with an old piece of wood he had, creating this beautiful wood bowl, which he gave to me as a hostess gift.

I like the idea of Grandmother Oak becoming some useful and artistic items.

IMG_1679small IMG_1680small IMG_1681small IMG_1682small IMG_1683small IMG_1684small IMG_1685small IMG_1686small IMG_1687small

4 thoughts on “Lemons to lemonade….or a dead tree into works of art

    1. Hi Elise – great to hear from you. I’m retiring on July 3, and my replacement starts June 17. I’ll be overlapping for a couple of weeks. I’ve been thinking about you, remembering when you were in that role with me. Fifteen years sure went by fast. Just want you to know that you were a great mentor for those first few weeks, and I’ve always appreciated you.

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