Updates to Solar Farms

I attended the Descanso Planning Group meeting last Thursday (Julie, you said you’d meet me there. I’m still waiting for you!). The company proposing a local solar farm in our community had a representative who briefly spoke about the plans.

On one hand, I was relieved to see it is not the scope that is planned in other areas, but still, I have my reservations. One being that it is being proposed on an extremely scenic view of Descanso. Coming from the east on Old Hwy. 80, the first thing you see when you hit Hwy. 79 is the scenic valley view. It’s something to behold, and may be ruined.


I’m trying not to be a NIMBY (but of course, I am). And I’m waiting to see plans and renditions before I comment much further. The verdict is still out on these solar farms.

Here is a story from Fox News, an entity known for being business friendly with little sympathy for environmentalists: Birds Being Scorched in Nevada Desert

And another post from THE most business friendly publication, the Wall Street Journal

When right-wing, business publications are having second doubts, that worries me.

Here is my latest post in the East County Magazine reporting on this very preliminary stage of what may happen not only in my community, but many other small backcountry communities:

Descanso Solar Farm

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