Alpine Unification: I don’t have the answers for today’s education issues; do you?


Just posted my latest in East County Magazine on the forward movement of Alpine becoming a K-12 district, bypassing the Grossmont Unified High School District (GUHSD).

It seems obvious to me that the GUHSD has misused funds intended for an Alpine High School. The other side of the coin is that the Alpine Union School District has some pretty serious financial woes. So, my friends, what is the answer?

It is truly sad what has become of California’s educational system. We used to be top grade (a million years ago when I was young). As the state with some of the most wealth, we have forsaken our educational system. Having been on the inside, I see both sides of the debate. It’s become too top heavy, too administrative, too full of bullshit. And on the other side, too many people depending on hand outs, parents out of control, litigious. Lost in the shuffle is the education of our kids.

I’m interested in YOUR opinion. What can we do to bring California education back to the top? It is our future, and damn, we are in a sorry state right now.

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