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This baby is amazing me each week. Now most of you are probably parents and think “been there, done that.” I am enjoying each zen moment and all the changes that are happening, so forgive my ramblings on what I see as an amazing chapter of life right now.

As someone who has worked or gone to school (or both) since I was five years old, this is the first time I have been able to relax and enjoy every moment of being a once-a-week nanny. I am blessed with my early retirement from SDSU and part-time freelance work which allows this. What a joy it is.

She is growing and changing at a record pace lately. In the last month, she learned to sit on her own, then pull herself up into a sitting position, then a standing position, learned to crawl, cut a tooth, and has a big desire to walk. She is more aware each day. I know it’s what they do, but I love witnessing it.

Here’s to Miss Maylee: looking forward to each week with you, baby girl.

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