Spring has Sprung!

I know the official date of the vernal equinox (aka, spring) was last week, but up here in the mountains, the first sign of spring for us is the initial bloom of our mountain lilacs. And they have now started to bloom! It is officially spring up here, though you never know what the weather ahead holds for us. Sadly, I think it’s more dry heat for continued drought conditions.


I will enjoy and savor these sweet-smelling flowers for the three short weeks they live. I think that the lilacs’ short lifespans make me appreciate them even more.

Another spring bloomer is the bearded Iris, which also made its recent debut:


I have to thank the woman who lived in our house before us for all the Irises that pop up every year. I know I should be digging them up each October, separating them, and then replanting the bulbs, but alas. In spite of my neglect, I still manage to get a few nice specimens each year.

Another rite of spring, but for me something quite new, is the Indian Holi Festival. I was hired a couple of weeks back to take some photos of this spring ritual at SDSU, and I have to say that I absolutely loved it. All the bright colors of powder distributed everywhere! Including my camera. But it was worth it because it was so much fun and quite festive. And it gave me an excuse to really clean my camera.

IMG_9398Small IMG_9445Small IMG_9485Small IMG_9501Small IMG_9502Small IMG_9639Small

I love spring. New life in the garden, and birds coming home to roost in the bird houses to hatch their babies. I hope this season brings you many blessings.

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