My New Friend Duncan


One great aspect of my retirement and recent freelancing is getting to know more about my local community. I have finally had the chance to see what is going on locally and meet those who shake things up. I’ve become amazed with the level of things that happen at the local level in a small, rural community.

One person here in Descanso who makes a difference is Duncan McFetridge. He has a long history of getting some things done for the better in our community. I had the pleasure to sit down with him at his cabin, in his massive library, on Dec. 17. We then met again for an adventure after Christmas to view one of his impressive carvings, revel in many of his stories, and then share tea at the Descanso Junction. He’s a brilliant, fascinating man with a deep passion of what is right, true and noble. He is not a typical “2014 man.” He is a classical, Renaissance man who eschews the material life.

My profile of him was just published in the East County Magazine:

I wish the world had more Duncans, and just a few less Jamie Dimons and Donald Trumps. I’m happy that he is now my friend.

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