August: Osage County


I went to the cinema to see a movie with my sister, Lisa, today. We saw “August: Osage County” with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

I rarely go to the theater to see movies anymore; and I say this as a true movie lover.

My thoughts on this movie: the acting was phenomenal. The story line was interesting, but they blew it with the ending. It was a depressing portrait of a very dysfunctional family of very bitter and mean-spirited women. It made me appreciate my own dysfunctional family, which was never as mean. I thought the ending just left everything hanging, with no closure. I think Lisa was expecting a “Steel Magnolias” sort of story, but it wasn’t that. These were clearly, really fucked up women.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d probably give this movie a 5. Again, great acting. I loved the Chris Cooper uncle character; he had the most heart. Julia and Meryl were great in their characters. And I loved the sister, Ivy.

What about our own little miss Sunshine? Abigail Breslan was great at the 14-year-old daughter of Julia’s character. I think she has a bright future of acting ahead of her.

I wanted more from this movie, but it just left us all hanging.

But it made me glad I didn’t live in Oklahoma. And glad that even though our own mother was not perfect (we all had our issues with her), she was not a mean-spirited, horrible human being, as portrayed in this movie. My momma had a good heart and soul, underneath it all. I have come to appreciate my mother as each day goes by. She did her best, and it wasn’t so bad.

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