My Name is Sharon, and I am a Tog


My main vocational passions are writing and photography. Those with such skills and desires are often required to use those talents in marketing, which is what I did for most of my 35-year career in communications. Ironically, as a freelancer, marketing as been at the bottom of my list of activities. Who has time to market when there are images to document and words to write? A baby to nanny, dogs to play with, jewelry to make, a garden to grow, an old house to fix, and nature to enjoy. Not to mention Kathie Lee and Hoda every weekday morning.

I took an easy step last night in an effort to help market myself with my photography goals. Now I could spend the next 18 years + documenting every growth spurt of Miss Maylee (and I sincerely hope to do that), but I do crave other assignments. In order to market myself, I became a Tog.

I joined a start-up venture called Togally, which makes me an official Tog. Unlike so many other marketing endeavors, no money is required up front (NOBODY should ever pay in order to find leads). I’m looking forward to getting out there, meeting some new people who want my services, adding to my portfolio, and growing as a photographer.

It’s an interesting and affordable concept. Right now Togally is only in San Diego county, but may be expanding soon. I wish them luck (and as a by product, luck for myself).


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