First Solo International Trip

Why would a 66-year-old overweight, half-deaf woman with a bad knee want to travel abroad all by herself, especially when Covid was resurfacing? Because it is now or never. With many upheavals this past year, including losing people I love, and my own personal health scare that reminded me of my mortality, I knew I had to do this sooner than later. No more procrastinating … Continue reading First Solo International Trip

Patience, Taught by a Little One

Photographing children is rewarding but also very challenging. I have one adorable grandniece whom I love with all my heart, but trying to get her annual birthday portrait on her third birthday gave me more lessons in patience. She’s shy (I get that, so was I — and still am — and I have total empathy with her). What she has taught me is that … Continue reading Patience, Taught by a Little One

Starting on Third Base

I love to attend photographic seminars to gain new insights and learn more about the craft that fills my passion. I’m signed up for one with Scott Kelby on May 12 in San Diego. He’s a pretty gifted photographer and Photoshop guru, and I remember the last class I took from him in which he gave me some really good pointers. One was: if you … Continue reading Starting on Third Base

The Quiet Ones

There are people we meet in life, through business, social situations, family and friends — the ones who are the loud, boisterous people who dominate a room. They speak to hear themselves speak and try to impress anyone who will listen. Then there are the quiet ones. Those who don’t say a lot, but once you get to know them, they awe you with their … Continue reading The Quiet Ones

Another Happy (and relatively stress-free) Wedding…

Who would have thought there would be two relatively stress-free weddings in a row? I sincerely hope this is a trend away from the over-the-top, expensive “events” that have been part of the last couple of decades. I like the idea of having fun, casual, friendly weddings that don’t send the couple (or their parents) into debt. On October 12, I had the pleasure of … Continue reading Another Happy (and relatively stress-free) Wedding…

Looking Closer in My Own Backyard

Photographers are always looking for inspiration, traveling far and wide for those shots worthy of keeping. I’ve heard many say “don’t forget your own backyard to find inspiration.” This morning I walked by a dog hole (one of many holes dug by the Border Collie), when I saw a subterranean cobweb that had captured raindrops from our recent storm. We had a very light drizzle … Continue reading Looking Closer in My Own Backyard

New Blog Post on Togally – Ideas for Halloween and Pumpkins

I’ve recently been “ghostblogging” for, a new venture that provides affordable photographers for families and events, plus provides marketing and ease-of-use for local photographers. I had my first photo gig with them about a week ago (see my last post about Kids Expo). I love that I get to combine my two passions here: photography and writing. Now if they only wanted some of … Continue reading New Blog Post on Togally – Ideas for Halloween and Pumpkins

Living in a Bubble

I had the pleasure of photographing the San Diego Kids Expo last Sunday (for So many forms of entertainment for today’s kids! I particularly loved this colorful bubble, hamster-wheel contraption that spun around in a pool of water. Not to sound like an old person (which I am), we didn’t have cool things like this in our childhood. We had a sprinkler on the … Continue reading Living in a Bubble

My Name is Sharon, and I am a Tog

My main vocational passions are writing and photography. Those with such skills and desires are often required to use those talents in marketing, which is what I did for most of my 35-year career in communications. Ironically, as a freelancer, marketing as been at the bottom of my list of activities. Who has time to market when there are images to document and words to … Continue reading My Name is Sharon, and I am a Tog