Looking Closer in My Own Backyard

Photographers are always looking for inspiration, traveling far and wide for those shots worthy of keeping. I’ve heard many say “don’t forget your own backyard to find inspiration.” This morning I walked by a dog hole (one of many holes dug by the Border Collie), when I saw a subterranean cobweb that had captured raindrops from our recent storm. We had a very light drizzle yesterday morning, so those drops had to be close to 24 hours old.

I don’t have a dedicated macro lens, but I do have a macro adapter, so I grabbed it and put it on the lens.

Here is what I captured:



IMG_0349SmallI’m going to head back outside with that macro adapter and look for some interesting bugs or other things that may be lurking close the ground. It’s amazing what we can see when we look from a different perspective.

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