I Just Love Fierce Women!

I had the privilege of doing some photography for my extremely talented, intelligent and amazing cousin Rebecca for her upcoming dance show at Mills College: Ebb+Flow Mills Dance Alumni Concert 2015

Ahh, if I could have been a fraction of her talent and smarts at her age, I would have conquered the world by now!

She is presenting a work called “Her Name Was Lanolin”

Here is one photo of Lanolin:


And here is one of Yvette:


Lanolin, Yvette, or anything else: Rebecca is just awesome.

If you’re in the Bay Area soon, I highly encourage you to catch this show.

One thought on “I Just Love Fierce Women!

  1. Sharon, did you notice (or is it just me) that Rebecca’s picture, as Lanolin, looks sooooooo much like Marion? I saw it immediately, right down to the little gap in her teeth. This girl is magnificent, and so talented. I wish I could meet up with you over in Oakland but I can no longer drive at night and I saw that there might be rain, which would complicate it even further. Cherie must be so proud of her daughter!!! ♥

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