Winter in Southern California


So far, we’ve been getting more moisture compared to the last few years, and that is good news indeed. The drought has (literally) been killing us.

New Year’s Day marked the first good snowfall in the mountains of Southern California in almost two years. That has to go toward making a very small dent. Still, the ponds and rivers are far below normal, but I am hopeful.


The good news/bad news scenario brought about ten million “flatlanders” to our hillsides. It was good for the few businesses open that day, but man oh man, it also shows the ugly side of humanity when hoards of people descend on a place.

There seems to be this view that land with snow is a public playground. No, these are private properties where families live. People jump fences and take any hill they can find with snow to send little Harper or Cameron careening down it on the top of a trash can lid serving as a makeshift sled. Nevermind that if that child is killed or hurt on that property, the owners could be sued, and they certainly did not grant permission. It becomes so out of control that law enforcement cannot do anything about it.

My plea for those coming up in the future: be polite. Actually, that’s my plea for the whole world and for every day. What a great world it would be, huh?

We didn’t venture out, but had friends who came to visit. Traffic was tied up for hours, roads were blocked, driveways were impassable. A good day to stay out of the car.

I’m looking forward to more snow days, but I am hoping for that politeness thing. Please.


I promise not to come to your house and have a picnic on your property without your permission, letting the kids run willy nilly,  if you don’t do that up here. Thank you very much!


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