First Solo International Trip

Why would a 66-year-old overweight, half-deaf woman with a bad knee want to travel abroad all by herself, especially when Covid was resurfacing? Because it is now or never. With many upheavals this past year, including losing people I love, and my own personal health scare that reminded me of my mortality, I knew I had to do this sooner than later. No more procrastinating … Continue reading First Solo International Trip

The Quiet Ones

There are people we meet in life, through business, social situations, family and friends — the ones who are the loud, boisterous people who dominate a room. They speak to hear themselves speak and try to impress anyone who will listen. Then there are the quiet ones. Those who don’t say a lot, but once you get to know them, they awe you with their … Continue reading The Quiet Ones

Public Transit Done Right

One recent job I completed was for the Cleveland National Forest Foundation’s Transit San Diego website. If you read the website, the first question everyone asks is why would a forest initiative care about urban public transportation? As I’ve learned working with these amazing people, without a functional city and less dependency on automobiles, the forest is doomed to sprawl, which equates to climate change. … Continue reading Public Transit Done Right

Wildlife Photography

Sometimes I think I would like to live the life of Moose Peterson (, a world-renowned wildlife photographer. The man has more patience than most humans, plus some super huge lenses. I admire his work immensely. I don’t think I could spend hours in a cold, damp place just waiting for that elusive shot he manages to capture over and over. His work is not … Continue reading Wildlife Photography

Walter White’s Entrepreneurial Career Lessons

As I’m just beginning my freelance business after a summer off, and as a huge fan of “Breaking Bad”, I enjoyed reading this blog about how “Breaking Bad” has some solid career advice for entrepreneurs. I’m not going to get into the moral and ethical questions of the show, which are the most interesting and what keeps fans obsessed with this program and its final … Continue reading Walter White’s Entrepreneurial Career Lessons